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Jan 17, 2018

Zannes Small Art Studiio

Blog photo for Zanne

It is wonderful to have my friend, Zanne living in the same street as us in Sedgefield.

Although we've kept in touch over the years, we never could have imagined that we would both be living in the same small village after leaving Zimbabwe and going our separate ways in 1981 - 37 years ago!

My resilient, happy, creative, artistic, musical, green fingered friend has always been an inspiration to be around so I know that bringing her Small Art Studio to Sedgefield will provide a great deal of pleasure for many people who can share her love for these things.

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Dec 08, 2017

Sedgefield Bird List

Sedgefield Bird List

Birding is a fun and interesting hobby to have. Working or relaxing in the garden or walking along the lagoon, locals and visitors are quickly made aware of the abundant bird life Sedgefield has.

So to raise awareness for newbies and visitors, I have created a bird list with a fair number of photos so those interested can get an idea of what birds we have in our midst, getting on with their little lives as we get on with ours.

I hope it will add appreciation for many of these engaging and wonderful feathered flyers in the natural world around us.

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Nov 07, 2017

Hopewell Hut S/C Accommodation

Hopewell Hut inside

Peaceful and private Hopewell Hut on the Island provides uncomplicated accommodation where two people can breathe deeply and slow down to enjoy simple living.

Leave the tech age behind and take a break from TV's, computers and microwaves to be rejuvenated and delighted by the glorious freshness of unpolluted nature.

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Oct 31, 2017

Eden Kite Festival

Eden Kite Festival

Kite Festivals are extremely popular world wide and there are many reasons for holding them.

The goal of the Eden Kite Festival initiated by local NPO, Masithandane, is to raise funds for transport bursaries and related school necessities for secondary school children as Sedgefield has no high school.

In 2013, provincial school buses stopping running from Sedgefield and back. Tragically, too many children are dropping out of education after primary school because parents can not afford transport costs.......

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Sep 24, 2017

Studio 42

Studio 42

At Studio 42 Melanie Baumeister has provided a permanent venue for intimate live theatre and a reason for the Community Theatre Amateur Dramatic Society to flourish.

Theatre School is enjoyed by local children who choose to be exposed to many aspects of acting and the creativity and discipline it entails. And, adults of all ages who have the inclination to get involved in local productions can explore the challenges and excitement of entertaining live audiences. Acting is a realm of infinite possibilities!

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Sep 16, 2017

Good Reading

Book Calligraphy

It's been a while, so I decided to add some new books I've enjoyed to my Good Reading page and remove others that have there for too long. If you haven't visited the page before, I guess you've missed them!

I recently discovered the author, Catherine Ryan Hyde and she is definitely my favourite new (for me)fiction writer. I've read 5 of her books now, all good and all very different. For the rest, its back to my preferences which are non-fiction. Oh yes, except for "The Dahli Lama's Cat" by an ex-Rhodeisan, David Michie now living in Australia. Enchanting book and the first of a trilogy - I know I'll be reading them all! Hope you enjoy my choices!

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Aug 27, 2017

The Sedgefield Hart Story

Agnes Hart

Agnes Hart came to Sedgefield from Cape Town to take up a teaching post at the school in the village.

She was a spinster in her 30's and a strong-minded and determined woman. She bought 6 plots altogether over a period of time while she worked in different notable positions in the village. She built a cottage for herself on one.

She bequeathed this prime real estate to family members upon her death in June 1968.

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Jul 01, 2017

Garden Route Wildfires-Sedgefield Community Volunteer Contribution

Sedgefield Knysna Wildfires

It is impossible to do justice on one page to the catastophic wildlfires that have devastated the Garden Route. In Greater Knysna alone, between June 7 and 14, they displaced thousands of people in 12 Knysna suburbs destroying 600 formal homes, 264 informal homes, damaging 327 houses and severely affecting 90 businesses, many of which may not recover.

They ravaged rural communities and their environs converting fynbos to desert landscape, plantations to wastelands and nature reserves to dust and ashes.

The response to these calamitous events set in motion the writing of this page that focuses on Sedgefield's Community Volunteer Contribution. The disaster itself is very ably covered in all its gruesome spectacle by countless Youtube videos and facebook pages. My page however, is about how the Sedgefield community rallied to support those in the front lines of the disaster.

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Mar 06, 2017

Sydney Press

Sydney Press Sedgefield House

An academic and a sportsman, Sydney Press decided to forego his bursary to the University of Cape Town and went into the job market at the age of 16.

Within a few short years he proved he had what it takes to be a successful businessman. He became a captain of the Retail Sales Industry when at the helm of Edgars he opened more than 430 stores countrywide during his 47 year tenure with the company.

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Feb 19, 2017

Historic Swartvlei Peninsula Court Case

Swartvlei Peninsula Court Case

In the 1980's a vast number of concerned citizens were outraged by the news that the Outeniqua Divisional Council had plans to develop a township called Swartvleistrand on the Swartvlei Peninsula across the estuary from Sedgefield.

Aided and abetted by State President, PW Botha, the plans had been in the pipeline for over 30 years until being made public in 1983.

In spite of vociferous objections from conservation bodies, the Sedgefield Ratepayers, the Swartvlei Campers and some private individuals, the development looked like a done deal....EXCEPT a few courageous extraordinary people determined to take on the State.....

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Jan 13, 2017

Sedgefield Bowling Club

Sedge Bowling Club

Sedgefield Bowling Club is situated on the Island - a place boasting well-kept greens and gardens, a chorus of birdsong and an abundance of slow town tortoises.

Bowls is a game for all seasons and a sport for life.

It provides companionship, competition, physical activity and mental concentration - all qualities reflecting a healthy state of mind and body.

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Jan 09, 2017

Slow Town Mobile Meals

Chairman and Chef Slow Town Meals

Sedge Mobile Meals, a charity that was an invaluable resource for other local charities such as Masithandane and The Living Cornerstone, was on the point of closing in August 2014 when local resident, Jim Mitchell stepped in and rescued it.

The demand for its meals had grown to such an extent that it had outstripped the ability of the charity to supply them and it was functioning with a growing negative bank balance that couldn’t continue.

Some major fundraising and resourceful management tactics were necessary to put the organisation back on its feet again….Understanding the charity’s importance, Jim undertook to do that and by rallying support from local businesses and residents re-invented it and Slow Town Mobile Meals was born….

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Jan 07, 2017

Sedgefield Lions

Sedgefield Lions logo

Although Sedgefield Lions celebrated its 30th birthday in June 2016, they are part of an organisation that is going to be 100 years old in 2017. It all began in Chicago in 1917 when Melvin Jones, a 38 year old business leader encouraged his local business forum to reach beyond their business issues and use their talents to better their communities.

It was an idea whose time had come. The businessmen agreed and went to work with a will. So much so that today Lions Club International has over 1.35 million members and more than 46000 clubs in over 200 countries. They are essentially groups of people that work among and serve the communities where they live – at grass roots level which is why, as an organisation, the Lions have been so successful.

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Jan 04, 2017

Peter Cazalet

Peter Cazalet Accomplishments

These days Peter Cazalet can be visited at the Village Art Gallery in Main Street where literally hundreds of fascinating sketches of stage sets and costumes for ballets and operas are stored.(among his and other local artworks)

They are evidence of his successful working life as an international theatrical set and costume designer.....

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Jul 28, 2016

The Living Cornerstone

TLC logo

The Living Cornerstone consists of a number of houses where people suffering from Alzheimers can find a safe haven.

Local philanthropist, Gilda Scammell discovered there was a great need for such homes while involved in her former organisation Sedge Mobile Meals.

She discovered and was advised of many confused and lonely Alzheimer sufferers when delivering meals to needy folks in the community. Having to go to work and not being able to pay for a carer, family members had to leave the insecure and mentally unstable person to fend for themselves although they were not able to do so.

In many instances, people living with an Alzheimer sufferer do not understand what that person is going through and the 24/7 care they need as their situation deteriorates.....

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Jun 11, 2016

Choo Tjoe Update

Choo Tjoe Update

Work has begun on repairs to the railway tracks of the defunct iconic Outeniqua Choo Tjoe route that used to run between George and Knynsa. Assisted with private funding, the project is being driven by Classic Rail. To create some revenue, it is anticipated that the initial re-opening will commence with an exciting ‘Dinner’ Train.

Beginning at Knysna Station, a slow meandering journey over the Knysna Lagoon with a few short stops in strategic places will enable passengers to enjoy breath-taking evening views of the estuary and town while partaking of a sumptuous 5 course meal. A Class 32 Diesel locomotive will pull 4 dining cars to accommodate 168 guests. The turn around point will be Keytersnek Siding, a mere stone’s throw from Belvidere.

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Mar 19, 2016

Sedgefield Slow Festival

2016 Slow Festival

The count down is on Sedgefield's much anticipated annual Slow Festival. With family fun for everyone, this year promises to be the best yet.

Get your program to check out the events. Along with the old favourites, there are several exciting new ones.... like our own version of "The Amazing Race", the Lakeside Lodge Chocolate Egg Extravaganza and the Pilipili Standup Paddle Race.

So make sure you don't miss out and join in this year's fabulous Easter fun time to feel the vibe of this friendly laid-back community that love doing it the old-fashioned way!

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Mar 09, 2016

Rehabilitating Raptors

Andy with Spotted Eagle Owl Festival

Andy Nortje’s youthful interest in raptors has developed over the years to the extent that he now provides a place of refuge for injured birds in the hope that they can be rehabilitated.

Many birds of prey have been given another chance at life because of his rehabilitation facility.

An off-shoot from this is an Owl Awareness Project he conducts on Saturday mornings from the Scarab Market outside Sedgefield.

With the help of a human – imprinted Spotted Eagle Owl that cannot be released into the wild, Andy educates interested people about owls - how they benefit the environment and correcting the harmful myths and inaccurate perceptions of them.

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Feb 25, 2016

Knysna Celtic Festival

Knysna Celtic Festival

Over this weekend, starting this evening, the 2nd annual Celtic Festival in our part of the world, is kicking off in Knysna with the pre-event Ceilidh at Blend Restaurant in George Rex Drive.

Tomorrow, Saturday is the vibrant lively street parade with all the bands competing in the street march competition. It's great entertainment for free.

Competitions that include, Highland games, Scottish Country dancing, Piped bands, solos and drumming, continue through-out the day at Loerie Park.

The day ends with the Sundowners Celtic and Blue Grass Concert for which tickets must be purchased preferrably beforehand due to their high demand....

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Dec 02, 2015

Rhythms Riding

Rhythms Riding

Rhythms Riding in Sedgefield is a school with purpose.

It came into being when Chenda Parkin determined to rescue unwanted horses by giving them a home with a plan and vision to rehabilitate re-educate and rehome them.

In her own words, she is dedicated to building understanding between people and horses.

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