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Sedgefield Ratepayers & Residents Association

The aim of Sedgefield Ratepayers and Residents Association is to do everything possible to maintain and protect Sedgefield and its environment and to address the expressed needs and concerns of the community through constant dialogue and negotiation with the relevant authorities for the greatest benefit of all its residents. 

Sedgefield Ratepayers Logo 2023

In order to achieve this they need the support of the whole community and representatives from its different sectors in order to properly be the mouthpiece voicing everyone's concerns. 

Sedgefield may be a Slow Town but it has had a long-lived, tenacious and conscientious Ratepayers Association dating back to the 1950s. Over time it has proved its worth on several occasions by winning court battles and putting a stop to some ill-considered and unsustainable developments.

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Most of us who live here are striving to preserve its unique qualities -

  1. its friendliness and compassion expressed in many ways by this community through the special charities and activities the town supports.
  2. to preserve its outstanding natural beauty, the 5 pristine beaches, indigenous plant species and the wild-life that inhabit it.
  3. to prevent unsustainable development that will compromise its vulnerable wetlands and eco systems.
  4. to maintain the precepts of the Slow Town philosophy
  5. to conserve its village character and slow town ambiance all of which make it such a distinctive village on the Garden Route and treasured by those who appreciate these intrinsic attributes and connections that are unavoidably lost in big city life.

Sedgefield Ratepayers and Residents Association has experienced some dark days since the town's own funds were handed over to Knysna when the new dispensation forced them to slot in under Knysna Municipality. The Sedgefield Ratepayers committee has resolutely stood their ground in the face of constantly changing authorities, poor service delivery, downright neglect and chaotic times. As recently as 2020 there has been 5 changes of Municipal Manager, 3 different Mayors, and several acting Directors (4 acting out of 7).

The Committee has persisted in requesting meetings with the Mayor and heads of Departments in Knysna so they could stay informed and be aware and involved in decision making processes affecting Sedgefield residents before they were finalised. They still have an important role to play in these trying and difficult days of our nation's evolution that has only been compounded by the Covid 19 pandemic. 

 Here you can download a form to report a crime and fill in

    A suspect's details or a suspect vehicle's details.

The Sedgefield Ratepayers and Residents Committee in 2024

Sedgefield Ratepayers Committee 2024

At the first 2024 meeting of the year in January, the Sedgefield Ratepayers and Residents Association Committee discussed and distributed the portfolios by agreement. 

(NB: some info from new committee members still to be obtained.)

Kevin BarnesKevin Barnes

Kevin Barnes: Chairperson

Cell: 082 291 8609

Portfolio: Ward 2 Liaison

Dr. Andrew BroughDr Andrew Brough

Dr. Andrew Brough: Vice Chairperson
 Cell: 083 227 4318


PortfolioWard 1 Committee Representative.

Tertia RothmanTertia Rothman

Tertia Rothman: Secretary

Cell: 082 046 0463 

Portfolio: Secretary

Len Moult

Len Moult

Cell: 083 604 2361

Portfolio: Treasurer

Cliff ElionCliff Elion

Cliff Elion: Ward 2 Committee Representative

Cell: 082 678 9900

Portfolio: Infrastructure

Michael SimonMichael Simon

Michael Simon: Member

Cell: 082 566 8433

Portfolio:  Safety and Security

Nadia HardnickNadia Hardnick

Nadia Hardnick:  Member

Cell: 073 200 9706 

Portfolio: Ward 1 Committee Representative 
Smutsville  Safety & Security 

Ari SeirlisAri Seirlis

Ari Seirlis: Member

Cell : 082 901 4150 

Portfolio: Membership, PR and Tourism

Onke Rwayi

Onke Rwayi: Member

Cell: 078 535 6272

Portfolio: Integrated Human Settlements

Charl Van Der Merwe

Charl van der Merwe: Member

Cell: 083 415 2590

Portfolio: Environmental Affairs

Fanus BrinkFanus Brink

Fanus Brink: Member

Cell: 082 924 6089

Portfolio: Municipal Liaison Ward 2

General email:

I Hope this gives Sedgefield Ratepayers and Residents Association members a good idea of who their committee is and realise that they cover many aspects of the lives of Sedgefield residents.

The SR&RA create a "Celebrate Sedgefield" Gala Evening Award Ceremony
10 November 2023

Celebrate Sedgefield Awards EveningThe gathering at the Red Shed, Scarab Market for the "Celebrate Sedgefield" Awards Ceremony

On the evening of 10 November 2023, the Sedgefield Ratepayers and Residents Committee held an inaugural "Celebrate Sedgefield" Award Ceremony they initiated, to give recognition to people in various predetermined categories of endeavour. The town's residents had been encouraged to vote for anyone they felt worthy of an award in any of the relevant categories. Friends and family were invited to attend the event to witness the outcome of the nominations at a gala evening that included a sit-down dinner with some entertainment laid on.

Celebrate Sedgefield statuette awardThe Seahorse Statuette Award presented to each nominee

In an unprecedented and unanticipated move, it was revealed as the ceremony unfolded, that each of the 32 participants nominated either as an individual or a group, would receive an award. What a delightful, unexpected turn of events that was!

Instead of it having to compete against each other, every one was equally appreciated for their unique and significant contribution to the betterment of our town. That simple but perceptive action of acknowledging value in diversity, meant no-one was a loser. Every nominee became a winner!

What an insightful, uplifting, life-affirming evening it turned out to be! The organisers are to be applauded for creating a uniquely  one-of-a-kind event so representative of the Sedgefield ethos. Everyone involved could not help but feel blessed to be part of its inauguration.

In the bigger picture, the inspired decision to honour individual strengths and cooperative enterprises, instead of pitting people against each other, is a profound step towards a vitally-needed, happier, safer world! 

Besides individual certificates of appreciation, a trophy in the form of a beautifully beaded seahorse designed by Duncan Jamu was presented to each winner. It was so appropriate as we have the only estuarine seahorse in the world in our Swartvlei lagoon. It is something to be treasured!

The sponsers also deserve a mention for this could not have happened without them. Thanks to Remax Coastal -Schalk van der Merwe and Harcourts - Mario Ferreira.