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Sedgefield Stories

I have heard many Sedgefield stories. Why people love it here - why so many like us have chosen to retire here and I know people have holiday homes here.

So I would like to know, why you chose to live here? Share some of your stories. What memorable holiday did you have here? What do you remember when you've gone back to your busy life somewhere else? Is it the friendliness of the locals, the breath-taking scenery or the sense of peace and tranquility?

I love Sedgefield for all the reasons mentioned above and because people have time for each other here - in little ways. Time to chat in a shop, drop in for a coffee, or to greet you and enjoy a chat in the street.

Your Story can be a one-time experience that lingers in your memory or about your family visits over a period time or relate to your family history when grandparents or you lived here in times past. I would love to have some stories of the early days of Sedgefield. If you have a couple of photos to share  to corroborate your story that will be even better.....

My story began when we booked in at Placid Waters timeshare in the mid 1990's. I realised then what a beautiful piece of the Garden Route was hidden from sight by the shops and houses lining the N2 highway. Crossing the Swartvlei when travelling from Wilderness to Knysna gives you only an inkling of its loveliness. I knew from the first time we explored Sedgefield properly on that holiday that I wanted to live here some day.

That day arrived in July 2007 and we haven't looked back! In 2015, my young sister came to live here too which makes it even more wonderful. Thanks to technology she is able to work from home and we have a scheduled sisters' day to make sure we connect in a fun way regularly.

"God gives all men all earth to love,
Buts since man's heart is small,
Ordains for each one spot shall prove
Beloved over all." - Rudyard Kipling

Guineafowl on the Islan

Sedgefield Stories not posted to me via my website

Martin Dellagiacoma's South African adventure that eventually brought him to Sedgefield......

Margate - our dream come true! A holiday cottage that became our retirement home. Liz Massardo tells their personal story.....

Happy Sedgefield Memories by Derek Suckling (shared by email).

Mark Dixon - A Top-notch local Trail Guide happily sharing his passion for Nature.

Lilith Seals - has a history with Sedgefield going back 70 years when her family first came on holiday here.

Kevan Martin recalls happy holidays at Merrymere house in the late 1950s-1960s.

Tell me YOUR Sedgefield Stories

What is quintessential Sedgefield? Share your favourite place or what best epitomises Sedgefield to you – like something you can't wait to see, that tells you when you return, that you’re home!

Tell us about some special occasion or experience connected with Sedgefield – a wedding, a birthday, a family gathering, a memorable holiday, an adventure – like the first time you tried something different or how about a feel-good success story.

I’d love to hear about Sedgefield’s early days from people who lived here in the 50’s or earlier times, those who remember what it was like holidaying here as children, before electricity, tapped water and tarred roads.

So....please go right ahead, put pen to paper and tell me your Sedgefield story!

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