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Discover Sedgefield South Africa
 Secret Gem of the Garden Route

So you found it! Welcome to Sedgefield South Africa!  This is Africa’s first "Slow Town". Although it was originally affiliated to the founding organisation, Italy’s Cittaslow, it is now a "stand-alone". However, it has always naturally embodied all aspects of a Slow Town!  

Slowing down to nature's paceCanoeing and cycling are two ways to slow down in Sedgefield.

Discover Sedgefield and immerse yourself in Nature

You will be surprised by all you discover as you uncover this rare jewel of the Garden Route.

Here you can slow down to the speed of nature feeling peace and contentment flooding your soul and oozing out your pores.

You can forget for a while, the demands of your busy life and all your regular chores and responsibilities.

Boats rest in morning tranquillity at the  Kingfisher Drive launch-site on Swartvlei Estuary.Perfect Photographic Scene at the Kingfisher Drive boat-launch site on the Swartvlei Estuary.

Breathe in the fresh unpolluted air and choose to engage in any number of enjoyable outdoor activities......

  • Picnic next to the lagoon. 
  • Laze under an umbrella on any one of 5 beaches. 
  • Swim in the invigorating water.
  • Kite-surf along the length of Myoli and Cola beaches. 
  • Throw a fishing line from the rocks. 
  • Surf the waves on Swartvlei beach.
  • Canoe the rivers.
  • Snorkel in the amazing tidal pools at Gerickes.
  • Surge on the incoming tide at the Swartvlei  river mouth.
  • Enjoy some lazy stand-up paddling on the peaceful lagoon.
  • Hike the nature trails of Goukamma Nature Reserve.
  • Cycle wherever your fancy takes you.
  • Take a paragliding lesson or enjoy an exhilarating tandem experience from cloud 9. 
  • Explore the back roads.
  • Familiarise yourself with our village by simply walking its streets.
  • Browse our famous three outdoor Saturday markets.
  • Experience life in the inter-tidal zone on a Moonlight Meander with Judy Dixon.
  • Hike a guided trail of beach, river and forest with experienced local guide, Mark Dixon. 
  • Do an art workshop with a known South Africa artist hosted by Zanne Small.

Photographers - don't go anywhere without your camera! And birdwatchers, you can enjoy all of the above whilst adding to your lists! can do nothing at all! Just sit and let the peace of the place soak in!

All types of holiday accommodation are available from timeshare and self-catering to B&B's and caravan parks but expect no multi-storie hotels or bright city lights here.

There is little organised entertainment, no shopping mall, no cinemas but fabulous Saturday markets can easily provide an enjoyable outing for the whole family.

Stall scenes at the internationally acclaimed Saturday Outdoor Wild Oats MarketWonderful Wild Oats Saturday Farmers' Market

And the outdoors constantly beckons with unforgettable vistas whichever way you look. You may be halted in your tracks by the shining stillness of the morning that reflects off the lagoon.

Breath-taking sunsets can amaze - the colours get richer as evening darkens to night.

Sandy beaches stretch for kilometers beckoning you to lengthen your stride and explore the shoreline finding caves and rocky pools and sheltered coves to while away the hours.

Up on the dune cliffs, you can whale watch or spot dolphins leaping effortlessly through the surf.

Winter sunset reflecting in the Swartvlei Lagoon and silhouetting the Outeniqua Mountains.Winter Sunset shining in the Swartvlei lagoon and silhouetting the Outeniqua Mountains

 Experience profound Connections

Sedgefield is an ongoing parade of special moments found when we slow down to appreciate the most fundamental things. Things that matter deeply but are not monetary.

To appreciate the intrinsic value of our relationships with each other and the natural world around us, we need to take the opportunity to find soul space.

This allows us to rest our overworked minds, rejuvenate our stressed bodies and relax into a sense of well-being and harmony.

This is the kind of place that reminds something deep within us of how life ought to be lived - more simply and serenely. It's about finding quality not in things but in experiences, and perhaps most of all, by connecting with nature!

Somehow this helps us connect better with each other too!

Friends picnic together at Monkey Beach on New Year's DayOutdoor cameraderie with family and friends on New Year's day

"Conservation without Boundaries"

Sedgefield falls within the Garden Route National Park (declared the Garden Route Biosphere Reserve in 2018!) which has evolved from a new concept of “conservation without boundaries”.

It offers the potential to protect the whole Garden Route region from damaging exploitation by establishing innovative mechanisms for allowing people with all their associated complex human activities to sustainably interact with this fragile and beautiful nature-oriented environment.

Many people from all walks of life are actively investing in the dream of this unique area becoming the Garden Route Biosphere.

This will not only incorporate precious indigenous forests, fynbos and mountains and all the creatures this environment is home to, but also the magnificent yet vulnerable coastal landscape which merges two Marine Protected Areas and two Hope Spots.

Marinara mosaic at Swartvlei River mouthMarvelous Mosaics by Masithandane at Swartvlei River Mouth

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