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Non-Invasive Aids for Health & Longevity

Using non-invasive aids backed by science, this radically  different and inspiring multi-million dollar company, confidently provides simple solutions for health and well-being. An American based company is a beacon of hope in a world where health threats are increasing and numbers of people contracting dread diseases are multiplying.  As  a regular  user of the products, I agree with its ethics and whole-heartedly accept and support the precepts of energy medicine. 

Davi Schmidt in the Laboratory

David Schmidt, American Scientist, Inventor and Entrepreneur, has long had a passion for pursuing the fundamentals of how to live healthily so as to enjoy an all-encompassing quality of life right into ripe old age. He firmly believes that decrepit old age is not inevitable. It seems he has always been enthusiastic about health, nutrition and longevity, and his college subjects, management information services, biology and computer science prepared him for his life path.

In David's early 20s (the late 1980s) while conducting research into energy medicine at Pace University in conjunction with the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia, he used electromagnetic equipment he had designed himself, to selectively target and treat neuroblastoma cells. These are cancer cells that form in nerve tissue of the adrenal gland, neck, chest, or spinal cord. Sadly, this disease is most common in children under the age of five. His successful research demonstrated that properly applied electromagnetic energy could target damaged cells without harming healthy cells.

He gained more experience at Advanced Applications Group (AAG), a research and development company he owned, specializing in energy production technologies for both military and commercial applications. He developed new methods for producing hydrogen and oxygen. He also designed and prototyped multi-fueled, bladeless-turbine power generation systems and constructed metal-combustion rocket engines. 

David refining the Science

As a result of his innovations, David was presented with an honorary doctorate by Dr. Alexander Marinaccio of the International Hall of Fame of Inventors. In addition, by originating a blueprint for emergency oxygen systems for General Dynamics and the U.S. Navy, David was invited to be involved with the Navy’s next generation mini-sub program.

He was tasked with keeping the SEAL submarine crews healthy on long missions, for up to 30-60 hours at one time, without the need for amphetamines or caffeine. He discovered that by using specific combinations of light to activate the mitochondria in cells, he was able to increase energy and stamina in the SEALS through elevating their bodies' own fat-burning mechanisms. 

Rivaling the effect of stem-cell injections, the Double Helix Conductor was another of David's inventions that sped up wound healing by producing a novel blend of electromagnetic and non-electromagnetic fields. 

David's early inventions made him appreciate the body is a bio-electrical organism and apart from its basic requirements of water, nutrition and exercise, it is necessary to understand it also has electrical and magnetic properties to be taken into consideration in the equation of healing and to experience vibrant health. Cells are electrically charged like batteries and when they are fully charged they work better.

David Schmidt, CEO of Lifewave Inc.

Lifewave Headquarters in San Diego, California.

Today as CEO of Lifewave Inc., David’s experience in business and product development spans over 30 years. It’s no surprise that his first Lifewave patch was the “Energy Enhancer” and sports people were the first to appreciate the value of these non-invasive aids. Dedicated professionals and committed amateurs alike quickly discovered that using Lifewave products enabled them to deliver some of their best performances. They are also the ones who push their bodies hard and often suffer with stress injuries later in life as a result. 

Sports People & Horses wearing the Lifewave Patches

Worldwide, professional Basket-ball Teams, Champion Boxers, Wrestlers, Olympic Athletes, Gymnasts, Swimmers, Pole Vaulters, Power Lifters, Badminton players, Volley-ball Players, World Cup Soccer Teams, Motor-cross Racers, Cyclists, Tennis players, Runners and Ice-skaters, have testified that LifeWave products mitigate the stressful impact of painful and punishing routines by increasing strength and stamina and by shortening recovery times. Drug testing of top athletes has confirmed the patches contain no harmful ingredients. They are registered with the FDA in their Health and Wellness Section.  

Phototherapy in the form of Non-Invasive Aids

David's years of concentrated research has culminated in the innovative phototherapy technology he uses through means of non-invasive aids that look like innocuous elastoplasters. These health-promoting plasters known as Lifewave patches are an advanced form of phototherapy. 

The structural and functional properties of the patch consist of a water-impermeable medical grade plaster that surrounds selected organic materials sealed in a polymer shell. These organic materials self-assemble into passive molecular-sized crystalline structures resembling very small light-reflecting antennas similar to the structures of cell proteins (making them biologically recognisable and compatible). They release specific wavelengths of infrared and visible light as they are "switched on", powered by the body's own heat without the need for lamps, lazers, batteries or expensive electronic devices! 

Each patch has its own narrow range of bio-electric energy signals similar to a radio station’s bandwidth that passively reflect back into the body assisting specific molecular structures to repair, heal and regenerate where necessary. Each plaster offers distinctive health benefits without any substance penetrating  the skin. This is why it is called a non-transdermal patch. 

Holidaymakers getting some natural Vitamin D & Catching a Tan while having fun in the surf at Myoli Beach, Sedgefield on the Garden Route.

For thousands of years, ancient cultures have known we are beings of light, it is the greater component of who we are. All living organisms emit light and light governs our very existence. 

Phototherapy is an instance of biomimicry, copying the principles that have long been applied by nature. This technology, in its own way, imitates the energetic exchange taking place when sunlight interacts with cholesterol on the surface of the skin causing it to produce Vitamin D.

Although calcium is the prime component of our skeletal structure, it is the presence of Vitamin D enabling calcium to be absorbed that successfully builds strong and healthy bones.

Similarly, sunlight triggers melanocytes in the lower levels of the epidermis to produce the pigment, melanin resulting in a suntan to protect the skin from damaging UVA rays.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum showing how it's used in its different interchangeable forms - as wavelengths, frequencies and energy.

David’s drug-free non-invasive aids require no appointments or time to be set aside for them. They are easy to apply and effortless to wear. No equipment is needed unlike treatments with Infrared heat lamps which have already used light therapy for decades to improve circulation and relieve pain. Lasik eye surgery also uses high energy light lasers for surgical eye procedures. Sunbeds mimic the sun using UV lamps or bulbs to produce a suntan. In L.A. California, phototherapy can now offer costly and time-consuming surgery-free face-lifts for those well-heeled or with deep pockets. These treatments are all provided through the mechanism of light technology.

The non-invasive aid David has invented is non transdermal, meaning nothing goes into the body from the patch. It does not interfere with prescribed medication although, over a period of time, it could likely do away with the need for it. It also bypasses the digestive system which is a good thing because many people's digestive systems are toxic because of toxic materials in our food and in our water. The only one precondition for the patches to work optimally is that the body be well hydrated with good quality water. Tea, coffee, coca-cola, wine etc. DO NOT COUNT.

The patches are extremely easy for an individual to apply, it places in the hands of anyone prepared to wear it, the power to enjoy all-round better health and sense of well-being with minimal external interference. 

Each unobtrusive non-invasive patch contains different types of minute crystals which send different wavelengths of light into the body. The body understands light extremely well. Consider how when we go out into the sun, the body uses sunlight to make Vitamin D. In like manner, the infra red light of the body activates the patch when it is placed on the skin.

  • Y-Age Aeon assists in alleviating stress, reduces inflammation & calms the nervous system promoting an environment that allows healing to take place. 
  • Y-Age Glutathione assists to detoxify & support the immune system.
  • Y-Age Carnosine encourages organ repair, balancing of blood sugar & assists cognitive function.
  • Silent Nights helps to improve length & quality of sleep by stimulating the body's own melatonin.
  • Energy Enhancer enables better exercise endurance & resilience  & faster recovery afterwards. It also helps to calm the system after stress /exercise.
  • Ice-Wave can effectively reduce pain to the point of eliminating it completely.
  • SP6 assists to reduce cravings & supports weight loss as well as hormone balancing.
  • X39 assists with revitalising stem cells speeding up recovery after operations and injuries & mobilises the body to create new young stem cells to replace old tired ones.
  • X49 can help to improve physical performance because it activates components that protect vital organs and helps them to function more effectively. This is particularly helpful for endurance athletes. 
David SchmidtDavid Schmidt - Founder & CEO of Lifewave Inc.

David Schmidt became Founder and CEO of American company, LIFEWAVE Inc. in 2002 and the first patch came on to the market in 2004.

The  company has since expanded globally into over 100 countries with offices presently in the United States, Ireland, Japan and Taiwan and with warehouse and distribution facilities throughout the world. 

Globally, David is the holder of 94 issued patents, 13 pending, with many more being written. More than 70 of those issued patents are in the field of regenerative science and technology.

As LifeWave has been a multiple recipient of Inc. magazine’s list of fastest-growing companies, it is worth watching this 4 minute video to understand the buzz about this amazing company.

Lifewave Patches

By using ordinary people with vision and enthusiasm to participate in the business through the Multi-level Marketing process, the company has made it affordable for most people to benefit from these amazing non-invasive aids for healthful longevity.

Mandy Vermaak - Team Leader

The full range of Lifewave patches are now available in South Africa and they are excellent products. They were brought to the Garden Route by business woman, Mandy Vermaak after discovering them when visiting her brother in the UK.

She already had her own successful Body, Mind and Soul, Holistic Health practice in George but has been quickly won over by the response of people to these Lifewave products, to work with them full-time.

If you are hearing about these non-invasive aids for the first time and want to learn more about them, please contact me as access is password restricted. You  will then be able to,

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