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Picture Framing
at For Art's Sake

Dee's business card

Specialists in all types of Framing

Picture framing is what it's all about at "For Art's Sake". Dee and her husband John are both qualified picture framers. They have top-notch equipment to do the job properly.

To contact Dee/John Tel: 044-343 1532 

      Cell: 083-449 7083

Working from home on the Island, this busy duo have created a good name for their business always going the extra mile to please their customers. They have a wide range of frame mouldings and keep up to date with the latest trends.

fixing a picture

Dee's expertise allows her to take old crumpled photos, or dog-eared maps or even a piece of wrinkled wrapping paper and with vacuum sealing techniques restore them to a measure of their former glory making a perfect picture.

Mirror framed

If you want a mirror for a bathroom framed or to make a statement by artfully making a living area look larger, This couple are able to do that for you.

Framing is part of art

It is a great option to have framed collages of special times or events in your life and that of your family's rather than having photos forgotten in an album that's buried in a cupboard somewhere.

Surround yourself with things you love. Let them reflect experiences you've had that you want to remember and put your memories where you can see them!

Instead of having a jumble of old things stored in boxes or suitcases, clear your clutter by taking photos of items you treasure (then dump the articles or give them to charity for someone else to make use of) or preserve the pieces themselves by tastefully arranging them in a "deep box frame" so that you display them effectively. 

At "For Art's Sake", Dee will gladly assist you to get framed a special piece of artwork you have discovered at a local gallery or purchased from our wonderful Scarab market so you can take it home ready to hang.

deep boxes

Pictures add depth and character to a room. They create focal points of interest.

They create a mood so they are important aspects of decor. A wrong choice can destroy the effect you are trying to produce.

The frames are an integral part of the picture or article they are framing so it is important not only that the job is done well but that the frame suits its subject and displays it to its best advantage.

John and Dee will be able to suggest many options that give you different choices to consider.

For example, below is a detailed piece of work in cross-stitch that show-cases a special talent. 

They enjoy the exacting work required for good picture framing and the discerning creative element that produces a great outcome.

cross-stitch framed

Their enthusiasm for their work is infectious and their keen desire to give you the best service possible will ensure that you will not be disappointed.

Have no qualms that whatever you'd like to frame, "For Art's Sake" will provide the high quality result you want.