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 Loose Goose Cruises
on the Swartvlei Lake, Sedgefield

Loose Goose Cruise

Captain Saney moors his twin-hulled ferry class boat, the Loose Goose at Pine Lake Marina from where he operates guided cruises for between 2-12 people on the Swartvlei Lake, the largest of the lakes in the Garden Route Lakes District.

Special trips can be arranged for birdwatchers, picnics, birthdays or any other chosen occasion or just to enjoy a full tour of the lake.

A regular ½ hour cruise viewing the lake and whatever is happening in and around its environment is R50-00 per person. 

Coots on the Swartvlei

Captain Saney will tell you about the lake’s history, its birds and other interesting snippets as the Loose Goose cruises leisurely in the direction of the Wolwe River, one of the Swartvlei’s 3 tributaries. 

The two other tributaries that feed the lake are the Karatara and the Hoogekraal.

A birdwatchers' cruise takes place at 8am on a Thursday morning. This cruise is R60-00 per person. You may catch sight of an otter, a Fish Eagle or two and any number of  water birds amongst the reeds on the shoreline.

Wolve tributary of he Swartvlei

 You could spot a shoal of fish swimming just below the surface of the lake or see a large one jump near the boat. Nature is full of surprises often when you least expect them!

Pine Lake MarinaPine Lake Marina Waterfront and jetty

A 1hr Sunset cruise includes a selection of wines, juice and freshly prepared snacks that may be enjoyed as the boat glides quietly to a peaceful corner of the lake so you can watch the sun go down over the Outeniqua mountains. This cruise is R80-00 per person.

Captain Saney of the Loose Goose

The Loose Goose was out of the water for some time in 2022 being refurbished by Fred at One Stop Marine because major work was necessary on its deck, hull and superstructure.

Happily, it was back on the Swartvlei by the end of September. With dear well seasoned  Saney once again at the helm of the sparkling new Goose it was well in time to give the Christmas visitors their magical day trips and sunset cruises as he's done for the last twenty years.

Our camera club enjoyed a fabulous early morning cruise with Saney some years back and I'm more than delighted that this unique cruise boat and it's captain are still delighting visitors with trips on the Swartvlei.

Saney  and the refurbished Loose GooseSaney and the refurbished Loose Goose

Loose Goose Bookings

To be sure of a place on a cruise, book in advance by phoning Captain Saney on 084 793 4722 or take a chance and book directly at the boathouse at Pine Lake Marina.

On the other hand, if you're staying at Pine Lake you can decide if the weather is right and book on the day.

Special group bookings can be accommodated if arranged in advance e.g. Our camera club arranged an early morning photographic trip.

(NB: Prices can change without notice. Check them when booking!)

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Pine Lake Marina is situated 5kms outside of Sedgefield on the banks of the Swartvlei Lake.

In the heart of the Garden Route National Park, it is one of the most scenic areas to stay.

The resort offers self-catering accommodation with a multitude of on-site activities to delight children and adults alike.......It is the perfect place for family holidays.