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Mandala Integrative Health Centre - the Story

In March 2024, a new healing space was birthed in Sedgefield called Mandala Integrative Health Centre. It's a dream Anuska Viljoen has had that's been more than two decades in the making. 

25 years ago, when she was living and working in the UK, she happened to visit Findhorn in Scotland. It had a dramatic and long-lasting effect on her because it challenged her conventional mind-set and opened her up to viewing life in a completely different way that deeply resonated within her and made perfect sense. It was a place that felt like home! Everything was integrated and viewed as a whole, so everything, be it animals, plants, people or the environment at large, ALL was treated with love and respect, because no matter what, all was sentient and connected, including all things seen and unseen.

Being a highly sensitive empath in a challenging world, Anuska found dealing with serious animal injuries and abuse took its toll on her. She also discovered how much the animal she was treating, and their human were connected. Few people could explain this, but at Findhorn she came to understand the connections. She then incubated the idea of creating a healing centre herself for people, animals and the earth when she returned to South Africa.

However, after returning to South Africa, Anuska faced many obstacles in trying to implement her vision. It has taken two decades to bring it to fruition, to find people willing to collaborate with her, to share the dream and make it a reality. Only now, almost 20 years after she came back to South Africa with this plan, is her idea finally in the process of materialising.

The Mandala Integrative Health Centre Logo

The Mandala Logo has been thoughtfully and creatively designed to embody everything the centre wants to represent. For people to live and work in harmony with their natural environment and, by all means available to them, learn and aspire to dwell in the vibratory resonance of love, joy, peace, compassion, healing, and gratitude. To allow and accept all spiritual paths and to tend the garden, collectively  and constructively, instead of wrecking destruction, pain and suffering by fighting over the turf.

Mandala Integrative Health Logo

The sun's golden light radiating from the centre of the lotus heart is a symbol of spiritual awakening. The 16 dark petals and 16 light petals are sacred numbers tapping into source energy and transmuting it to healing through the resilient crystal.

The eight-sided amethyst crystal introduces sacred geometry into the mandala. Its crystalline form resonates with our spiritual being and has the power to detoxify and spiritually awaken masses of people to a higher level of consciousness.

 The aqua-blue tear-drop is the symbol of pure water. Structured, energised water is the basis of all health and energy medicines such as homeopathy, which is a whole system modality. All medicine of the future will be in the form of high vibrational energy.

Ever-changing flowing forms of yin and yang envelope the amethyst and water in colours of higher realms ranging from blue to purple. They also encompass the colours of cyan, indigo, magenta and violet in-between them to draw in healing rays of light.

The butterfly-like wings at the base enfold the essence of the mandala in a gentle flow of ever-changing capacity to experience profound aspects of growth, co-creation, integration and harmony. 

The Goals of Mandala Integrated Health Centre

Positive Energy

The goals are:

  •  To work in harmony with nature co-creating with the intelligence and wisdom  inherent in natural systems.
  •  To foster community values that respect all beings with a culture of compassion, understanding and acceptance.
    To  aim to live lightly on the earth through sustainable practices such as organic gardening, renewable energy use and ecological building techniques.
  • To provide opportunities for personal growth and transformation  through workshops, retreats, and spiritual practices aimed at deepening self-awareness and awakening to one's true potential.
  •  To make it a collaborative venture to facilitate a New-Earth vision of cohesion, order and harmony moving towards wholeness and optimum well-being for all - people, animals, and the planet.

 And in case you think it's a mad idea..... "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do!" Walter

Mandala Integrative Health Centre Vision and Mission Statements


At Mandala Integrative Health, we strive to create a harmonious and holistic well-being approach for all living beings and the planet.

Our commitment to a diverse and supportive community encourages each member on their journey to reach optimal health using integrative practices, compassionate care, and sustainable living.


Mandala Integrative Health envisions a world where individuals and communities thrive in interconnected wellness with the Earth.

We aspire to be a global beacon of integrative health, offering diverse therapeutic modalities and support systems for the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life.

Through education, collaboration, and compassion, we aim to inspire a transformative shift towards a healthier and more harmonious world.

Directory of Practitioners  working at Mandala Integrated Health Centre

Ayuveda Consultations

New at Mandala Integrative Health, Jean Paul is excited to be offering Chi Nei Tsang abdominal detox massages and Ayurveda consultations from there!

Gut health is key to our wellbeing at every level,  and when it is poor, disease manifests. The key function of the microbiome in maintaining good health is at the core of Ayurveda, while Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) helps to unfold the process of self healing. Ayurveda works primarily with changes in lifestyle, diet and habits, while CNT is a deep form of somatic release. Both of these holistic modalities are therefore complimentary while being non-toxic and non-invasive. 
NB. He is offering both of these at a special rate until end of April. 

Chi Nei Tsang Massage
Vegan Cooking Class with Lara
Cacao Workshop
The Healing Power of Sacred Sound
Restorative Yoga with Nicky
Colette Lindiwe

Colette has been a qualified Usui Reiki Practitioner  for 19 years. She is passionate about supporting others in connecting to their innate power and body’s wisdom for self-healing and personal and spiritual growth.

 Her  offerings at Mandala Integrative Health Centre fall under the name ‘the-dess’ and include,

  • Energy Healing (incorporating Reiki, Sound, Crystals)
  • Women's Circles
  • Om Chanting Circles
  • Group Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Womb Healing
  • Free Monthly Online Meditations (creating the new earth)
Dr. Gauri - Whole Women Wellness
Laughter Yoga with Rina

Rina runs her own mobile wellness business called FrohNatur – this means Happy Nature. She is not only a nature lover but also an Occupational Therapist, Singer / Songwriter, Massage Practitioner and Laughter Yoga instructor. She goes through life with mindfulness, finding happiness in nature, music and the small things. She loves sharing her passion and inspiring others.

At Mandala Integrated Health Centre she is offering a weekly Laughter Yoga class on Mondays, Mantra circles and holistic treatments. Dates for the next yoga classes 22 April, 2 May, 20 May.
She is also specialized in Neurological rehabilitation and can help people who are experiencing disabilities due to stroke, brain damage, chronic neurological diseases, dementia, cerebral palsy and more.

Nia Floor play with Cecile
Berna Reiki Master and Crystal Healer
Lisa Davidson

Lisa Davison is  Owner and Creator of Conscious Kids Circles and Percussion Play for Adults. 

Conscious Kids Circles was created in response to the disconnection between kids and their outer world as a result of an overstimulated, digital world.

Through a fusion of drama, drumming and play, she encourages kids to rediscover their natural rhythm and connection to each other. They learn how to play the djembe and other instruments  while learning valuable skills. 

Playing music in a group is hugely beneficial for stimulating the brain, developing confidence, improving listening skills and creating connection with others. 

Lisa brings the joy of music, movement and percussion to her circles where kids can freely express their creative impulses without judgement. 

Lisa Davison  +27 83 396 3149 or or Connect with her on the Socials:  Conscious Kids Circles:  or 
Lisa Davison:

Dr Zanatoa Ings

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Findhorn Foundation and the United Nations

First designated as UN-Habitat Best Practice model for holistic and sustainable living in 1998, the Findhorn Ecovillage was re-designated 20 years later in 2018 featuring in the UN database as a synthesis of some of the very best of current thinking on sustainable human settlements.

The Findhorn Foundation, embedded in the ecovillage site, is a constantly evolving model, being used as a learning environment by a number of university and school groups, as well as by professional organisations and municipalities worldwide. Through various educational programmes and activities, including the Ecovillage Experience Week, the Permaculture Design Course and Ecovillage Design, the Findhorn Foundation is actively supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Thousands of learners over the years have been inspired by experiencing firsthand how to create and nurture community through song, dance and communal activities – from welcoming conflict as an invitation to intimacy, consensus decision-making, skillful and compassionate communication, to celebrating phases of life aligned to natural cycles.

A myriad of ecological design-related programmes offered over the years includes Listening to Nature in the redesign of our human presence on the planet; Building Schools prototyping the first green building techniques in the UK; Permaculture Design Certificates offered in the verdant Cullerne Gardens and associated growing sites. Visitors have also come to learn how to develop thriving local economies within planetary boundaries.

All programmes are deeply rooted in the unique philosophy encapsulated in the community’s guiding practices: Inner Listening, Co-creation with the Intelligence of Nature, and Work as Love in Action.

Carbon Tanzania

Carbon Tanzania works with local villages, community-based organizations, and rural extension and conservation organizations in Northern Tanzania. Together with those who demonstrate a commitment to sustainable, long-term forest management, equitable local benefit sharing and transparent governance, Carbon Tanzania aims to reduce the threats of global climate change by turning carbon dioxide emissions into natural Tanzania forests. Carbon Tanzania's projects not only contribute to conserving and protecting local ecosystems, but they also provide opportunities for improved local livelihoods.